Alan has been a member of our club for 55 years. This is his story……..

Being teenagers in the mid 60s, interested in firearms and target shooting, my younger brother and I were keen to get more involved.  Our mother made some inquiries through the WARA office based at Swanbourne and was informed by the Association Secretary, an ex army Colonel Luke McGuinn, that at that time, you needed to be 16 to join a civilian Rifle Club.  My brother was approaching that milestone and it was going to fall on a Saturday, so he and I drove to Swanbourne on his birthday, introduced ourselves to the Colonel  who then introduced us to the Captain of the Subiaco Rifle Club, Larry Gorman.  We were welcomed by all, allocated a coach and fired our first Lee Enfield 303 at 500 yards. 

We attended each week after this and were elected as members at a club meeting in December 1964.  Subiaco Rifle Club (now the City of Subiaco Rifle Club) has always been a strong club, it’s Social atmosphere, support of new members, competitive environment and general camaraderie of the members is still the foundation and the vision of our great club.

My wife is also a 40 years plus member and we are both involved with the well being of the club and other members, new and old.  It has been a fabulous journey to date and we intend to maintain our involvement as long as possible.  It has been a very rewarding pastime and urge anyone, young or old, male or female to consider Target Rifle as a sport.  The club membership age range at present is 16 to 80 plus and we can cater for most disabilities

Come and say hello, check out the facilities and meet a group of very nice people

Petrian is one of our youngest club members and we asked him to share his experience…..

A year has almost passed and now I’m a member of the Subiaco Club and I’ve participated in one competition, my first competition. I’ve even won a prize for getting the highest score under the age of 25. I’ve also won a little trophy for recognition of being top of the range on 3/11/2019. This is thanks to my coach, he’s helped me the most so far on this journey and I also thank everyone who’s supported me since day one. Ever since I was a little boy, I was so fascinated by the idea of rifle shooting. I always dreamt of it as a living, as a hobby, something that makes me enjoy myself more than anything else. I wasn’t able to start so young, but I did start as soon as I got the chance. When I reached the age of 15 and a couple of months later my father found this rifle club just an hour drive from us. On 8/12/2018 I arrived at this place, this community, filled with the most friendliest people I’ve ever met. They welcomed me in straight away and I knew that this was a good start. The place consists of many clubs to join, but the one that grabbed my eye was the Subiaco Club. One of them got to coach me, his name was Uncle Neil and he is one of the best shooters there. He taught me many things about rifle shooting, and he’s still teaching me today, I’ve recently learned how to calculate the wind that affects the bullet projectile.

Is Betty at 82 the oldest shooting Grandmother on the mound?…

Betty is still competing using the most demanding of all shooting positions. Prone Rifle is where she has to support her 5.5 kilo Single Shot Target rifle for the duration of her 14 minute stint on the mound . Betty is still competitive in her grade and an inspiration to us all. GO BETTY!!!

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