• The club formed shortly after the cessation of World War One
  • Registered as The Subiaco Rifle Club 195
  • First recorded captain was Mr. Wally Richardson
  • The club endeavours to elect the Mayor of Subiaco as their patron each year, one of the first recorded was The Honourable J.H. Abrahams.


On the 31st October the Rocky Bay Rifle Club applied to Western Command to amalgamate with the Subiaco Rifle Club, the amalgamation was approved by Western Command and accepted by the Subiaco Rifle Club.


Western Australia celebrated its 150th anniversary and to mark the occassion Subiaco sought permission from The City of Subiaco to add “The City of” to its name and use the city’s logo for a new club badge.
Council readily agreed, Subiaco Rifle Club from then on was to be known as The City of Subiaco Rifle Club 195.

Club member Mr. Graham Miller suggested that to highlight both events the club create what was to become The City of Subiaco Championships. The members decided to adopt the idea; a gold medal was struck for the occasion and sold to members for $10. The proceeds of which were used to fund the running of the inaugural prize meeting. In 2008 the club holds its 30th consecutive championship.

The King’s/Queen Prize

Whilst Subiaco has always been competitive in shooting events it took 48 years to produce its first Queen’s winner. In 1967 two Subiaco riflemen Tom Gilmore and Merv Concanen created history when they were involved in a three way tie for the lead in the Queen’s Prize, the third member of the trio was South Perth’s John Heffernan. It was the first time this had occurred in Australia.

The rules dictated that the 3 competitors shoot off
to determine first place. The result going in Tom Gilmore’s favour with him being being declared the ultimate winner. Merv Concanen ran third after count out rules were applied. Subsequent to that in 1974 Elizabeth Felton was to become the 2nd Subiaco Queen’s prize winner and the first female rifle shooter in Australia to win the Queen’s prize (she went on to win the Queensland Queen’s Prize the next year).

Geoff Ayling (1988)
Gordon Hunter (1993)
Dave Felton (2003 & 2007)

Following on were Geoff Ayling 1988, Gordon Hunter 1993 and David Felton in 2003 and 2007.

Team Shooting

Since 1960 the club has had phenomenal success in team shooting, instigated by the newly appointed team manager Mike Southon. The club still enjoys that success up to the present day.

Combined with the club’s successes in competition we still retain a strong sense of socialbility and with the support of our female and associate members, Subiaco is one of the strongest rifle clubs in Australia.

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