City of Subiaco Rifle Club is a target rifle shooting sports club. Members meet Saturday afternoons at Pinjar rifle range. Visitors are welcome to come along and try the sport in a safe and friendly environment.

Our club’s aim is to promote the sport of target rifle shooting in a safe and friendly environment and encourage all that participate to compete on an equal basis, and also to challenge one’s self individually and at a club level. We also promote the family side of our club, welcoming all newcomers for the mutual benefit of themselves, the club and affiliated associations.

What People Say

“City of Subiaco Rifle Club has always been a strong club, it’s social atmosphere, support of new members, competitive environment and general camaraderie of the members is still the foundation and the vision of our great club…”

Allan D (a member for 55 years)

“On the 8 December 2018 I arrived to this place, this community, filled with the most friendliest people I’ve ever met.  They welcomed me in straight away and I knew that this was a good start…”  

Petrian B (age 16)

“There aren’t many sports you can enter in mid-life, and yet still reasonably expect to attain a high level of proficiency and remain competitive well into retirement years..”  

Brad W (joined the club aged 43)

Where To Find Us

Road Directions

1. Driving in a northerly direction – Turn right into Ziatas Road (off Old Yanchep Road) NOTE Ziatas Road changes to Perry Road on a bend – DO NOT TURN OFF

2. Turn Right Into Higgins Road (off Perry Road – Opposite Anderson Road)

3. Turn Right into Wandoo Road (off Higgins Road)

4. Turn Left Into Pinjar Rifle Range (off Wandoo Road)

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